Where Did Babies Come from in the 1920s?

20bIt was nearly a century ago, but babies were born just about the same way when this equipment was in use as they are today.

This is the nursery, a room in the Arkansas Country Doctor Museum where you can see how new moms and babies spent their first hours back at the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, doctors at the Lincoln, Arkansas, clinic lived and worked in the same house, so the doctor could easily check on his patients.

In the picture you can see a scale for weighing Baby. The scale is made of rattan, like a basket. The baby would lie in the basket and his or her weight would be shown by the round dial underneath it. You might have seen a scale like this in a grocery store — the scales used to weigh babies now are usually electronic.

The machine in the corner is an incubator, a machine to keep premature babies warm. Hospitals still use incubators today, but they look a bit different from this one.

You can see a bassinet in the picture, too. It’s a simple bed for the new baby. While you can’t see it in this picture, there is a similar bed for the mother in this room. Having a baby was hard work (and it still is) so Mom would need some rest before she went home. Plus, babies are often born at night, so the mother and baby would stay overnight.

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