Jones Family of Doctors

101_1065In the late 1700s a Jones family in North Carolina, as was typical of that era, migrated to Tennessee.  Allen, the third child in the Jones family of 14 children, grew up, married and had a family.  In 1851 Allen moved his family to Springfield in Conway County, Arkansas.  Allen, who had become a doctor, set up a practice immediately.  John Joseph Jones, one of his sons, who had received medical training in Tennessee also set up a practice a few miles away.  Two of Allen’s other sons also became doctors.  From Dr. Allen Jones have descended ten doctors named Jones who have practiced in Arkansas and three others who left the state to practice elsewhere.

Beyond their professional medical services, during 5 generations the Jones Doctors served as surgeons in the Confederate Army–one served as a flutist in the Confederacy–became respected, prominent members of their communities, were successful land owners and farmers, served in the Arkansas Legislature, opened and operated drug stores, established schools, served on school boards, housed school children from distant areas, helped students financially, donated land to establish churches, preached, were owners in lumber and mercantile businesses, built a hospital, established clinics, were active and held offices in Medical Associations.  According to the records as presented below there was no time in Arkansas history between 1851 and 1980 when a Dr. Jones (descended from Dr. Allen Jones) was not committed to caring for the people of Arkansas through his practice of medicine.

Loleta Jones Farish, the great-great granddaughter of Dr. George W. Jones wrote and carefully documented a detailed account of the Jones Family of Doctors, a story spanning from 1799-1981.  The linage had continued through a daughter.  Though the names of the doctors are no longer Jones, and they no longer practice in Arkansas, they are, indeed, a 6th generation of doctors who are the direct descendants of Dr. Allen Jones.

Synopsis of Five Generations of Jones Family of Doctors

     Excerpted from Loretta Jones Parish, “Five Generations of Jones Doctors Serve Arkansas”

First Generation

Dr. Allen Jones 1799-1872:  Born in North Carolina, the son of Joseph and (Ruth-possibly) Jones, the third of 14 children.  Married Elizabeth Hicks in Tennessee in 1822.  Eleven children born of union.  Family moved to Arkansas from Tennessee in 1851.  Three sons became doctors.

Second Generation Family moved to Arkansas from Tennessee in 1851

Dr. John Joseph Jones October 8, 1824-1890 circa.  Born in Tennessee, oldest child of eleven children of Dr. Allen Jones.  Medical Education in Nashville, Tennessee.  Married Marietta Greathouse in April 1856–union had eight children.  Practiced medicine in Conway County, Arkansas.  Served in Arkansas State Legislature 1854-1856.  Served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army, active in public affairs.  After death of Marietta, married Anna Watson–union had 3 children.

Dr. George W. Jones 1826-January 19, 1859.  Born in Tennessee, fourth son of eleven children of Dr. Allen Jones.  Probably studied medicine under older brother Dr. John Joseph Jones.  Married Elizabeth Whitehead.  Died at age of 33 of pneumonia, leaving a 2-1/2 month old son, William Allen Jones.

Dr. Thomas Hicks Jones 1830-1860 circa.  Born in Tennessee, sixth child of eleven children of Dr. Allen Jones.  Probably studied medicine under older brother Dr. John Joseph Jones after the death of his brother George.  Married Delilih Cotham, served in the Confederate Army and also played the flute.  Settled later in Van Buren County where he hid from Jayhawkers and at one time practiced medicine from a cave.  Was only doctor in Pope and Stone Counties.  Supported and gave land to churches, loved music and continued to play his flute, served on the school board and boarded students.  Two of his nine children became doctors.

Third Generation

Dr. William Richard Jones 1851-.  Born in Tennessee, the eldest son of Dr. Thomas Hicks Jones.  Probably studied medicine under his father.  Assumed his father’s practice in the late 1890s and was licensed to practice in Van Buren Co.

Dr. Joseph Jones 1864-circa.  Born in Van Buren County, Arkansas, sixth son of Dr. Thomas Hicks Jones.  Probably studied medicine under his father.  Registered to practice in Arkansas.  Stayed for a short time.  Then moved on to Texas.

Dr. Cicero D. Jones, March 29, 1854-March 23, 1885.  Born in Conway County, Arkansas, son of James R. and Jane Jones. (James R. was the son of Dr. Allen Jones, brothers of Drs. John Joseph, George W. and Thomas H. Jones.)  Practiced in the small community of Georgia for only 5 years before he died at the age of 30.

Dr. William Allen Jones, November 1, 1858-April 18. 1915.  Born near Springfield in Conway County, Arkansas, son of George W. and Elizabeth Jones.  Attended the University of Arkansas and graduated from Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1880.  Set up a practice in Atkins and later established a very successful practice in Morrilton.  Married Marietta Hunter.  In 1890 sold out and moved to Wichita Fall, Texas, but drought caused mercantile business to fail.  Marietta died following birth of fourth child.  Family returned to Plummersville, Arkansas where he established a successful practice.  Remarried Sara Frances Steele-union produced three sons.  Became prominent citizen of town, was member of Eclectic Medical Association, secretary of state association, medical examiner for life insurance companies, helped many youth through schools.  Two of sons became doctors.  Died of Brights disease at age 57.

Fourth Generation

Dr. William Edgar Jones, Sr. January 30, 1887-May 11, 1964.  Born in Lick Mountain township, Conway County, Arkansas to Dr. William Allen Jones and Marietta Adams Jones.  Attended Hendrix College and finished medical education at Louisville Medical School in 1911.  Received a government appointment to work in the Panama Canal Zone and later in Brazil.  In 1914 married nurse Madeline Miller, returned to Arkansas, worked briefly with his father, then set up a practice in Morrilton as a surgeon–built the first hospital in Morrilton in 1920.  Three years after death of Madeline (at birth of third child) married Ruth Belcher–union produced two children.  During the Great Depression moved to Seminole, Oklahoma.  Became well-known Oklahoma surgeon.

Dr. Thomas Harold Jones May 5, 1898-June 19, 1981.  Born in Plummerville, Arkansas, son of William Allen and Sarah Jones.  Married Mary Jean in 1920.  Served in Medical Reserves in WWI.  Graduated from Louisville Medical School 1921.  Worked for Pennsylvania Railroad, later came back to Arkansas and practiced in Magnolia and Waldo.  Built a clinic in his home, paid in produce during the Great Depression.  In 1980 he retired after 58 years of practice.  Had three daughters, one who had two sons who are doctors in Seattle.

Fifth Generation

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Jones February 20, 1916-.  Born in Plummerville, Arkansas, daughter of Dr. William Edgar and Madeline Jones.  Attended the University of Arkansas Medical School, completed a surgical residency at Eloise Hospital, Eloise, Michigan and at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, New York City and a plastic surgery and EENT residency at Bellevue Hospital.  Later served on the staff as a plastic surgeon in New York hospitals.  Returned to Oklahoma due to health and did not practice there.

Dr. William Edgar Jones, Jr. January 3, 1918-.  Born in Morrilton, Arkansas, son of Dr. William Edgar and Madeline Jones, Sr.  Attended Oklahoma University then graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine in 1943.  Residency with the Naval Reserve Medical Staff and in Pathology at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston and then in obstetrics and gynecology.  After two years of practice in Arkansas returned to Seminole, Oklahoma, on the Bristow, there practicing until retirement at age 65 in 1983.  Three children:  one daughter from first marriage, son and daughter from second marriage.

Jones Doctors—Quick look by date:

First Generation: Dr. Allen Jones 1799-1872.

Second Generation: Dr. Jon Joseph Jones 1824-1890.  Dr. George W. Jones 1826-1859.  Dr. Thomas Hicks Jones 1830-1860 circa.

Third Generation:  Dr. Wm. Richard Jones 1851-.  Dr. Joseph Jones 1864-(practiced short time in Arkansas).  Dr. Cicero D. Jones 1854-1885 (did not practice in Arkansas).  Dr. William Allen Jones 1858-1915.

Fourth Generation:  Dr. William Edgar Jones Sr. 1887-1964.  Dr. Thomas Harold Jones 1898-1981. 

Fifth Generation:  Dr. Mary Elizabeth Jones 1916-(did not practice in Arkansas).  Dr. William Edgar Jones Jr. 1918-(practiced short time in Arkansas)