Kirby Family of Doctors

101_1068The Kirby Family were descendants of English parentage who settled in Virginia.  Some served in the Revolutionary Wary and later some served in the War of 1812.

Dr. B.F. Kirby and wife Serena Kirby migrated west to Green County Missouri.  There Leonidas Kirby was born.  He was raised by his uncle Dr. O.C. Bender in Kansas when B.F. Kirby died.  Dr. O.C. Bender’s father, Dr. Samuel Bender, was Leonidas’ grandfather (his mother’s father).

The Maternal branch of the KIRBY tree were the VANCES



Paternal Ancestry of Doctors                                                                                                                            Maternal Ancestry of Doctors

Dr. Samuel Bender 1795-1867                                                                                                                           Dr. John R. Vance

Dr. B.F. Kirby (son-in-law of Dr. S. Bender) _______-1858                                                                    Dr. B.J. Vance

Dr. Leonidas Kirby* 1850-1934

      Sons of Dr. Leonidas Kirby

Dr. Franklin Beverly Kirby 1878-1934

Dr. Leander Bender Kirby (Ph.G. pharmacist) 1881-194?

Dr. Henry Hodgen Kirby 1883-1922

Dr. Alexander Crump Kirby 1892-1939

Dr. Henry Vance Kirby* (Son of Leander Bender Kirby and Virgie Vance Kirby)

Dr. Henry Vance Kirby is the Third Generation Doctor from two families.  Paternal: Great grandfather Dr. Samuel Bender and Grandfather Dr. Leonidas Kirby.  Maternal: Great grandfather Dr. John R. Vance and Grandfather Dr. B.J. Vance.

*In Arkansas Country Doctor Museum Hall of Honor.  May be observed in separate file.