Kirksey Family of Doctors

101_1070In the late nineteenth century Dr. C.L. Kirksey lived in a small town on the banks of the Arkansas River in central Arkansas.  This was Dover where the good doctor established his medical practice.  He was also a Methodist preacher.

There the second generation of Kirksey doctors was born, Dr. Robert J. Kirksey.  Robert graduated from the college of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore in 1891.  He migrated to Cross Creek, South Carolina, then to Oenaville, Texas then back to Dover, Arkansas.  Many years later he moved to Owasso, Oklahoma where he continued his medical practice until he died.

It was in Oenaville, Texas that Dr. Odell Jehu Kirksey* (the third generation of Kirksey doctors) was born on April 11, 1894.  He was one year old when the family returned to Dover.  Odell graduated from High School in Dover and then attended medical school at Kansas City College of Medicine and Surgery, graduating in 1919.

Within about two months Dr. Odell Kirksey established his practice in Mulberry, Arkansas and remained as a prominent doctor and citizen for 47 years until his sudden death in 1966.  The community converted his small maternity hospital (has delivered more than 4700 babies) into a museum honoring Dr. Kirksey as their beloved old country doctor (had made house calls on foot, on horse-back, by buggy and car often never charging for his services).  The museum building is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

*In Arkansas Country Doctor Museum Hall of Honor.  May be observed in separate file.