McGehee Family of Doctors

101_1066Dr. Edward Pelham McGehee* was born January 21, 1869 in Virginia of Scotch descent.  He attended Vanderbilt for two years then graduated with a M.D. in 1894 from University of Mobile in Alabama in 1894.  In 1899 he migrated to Arkansas.  Because of a mishap on the Mississippi River he was stranded in Lake Village, Arkansas, not his original destination.  There he set up practice in 1910.  He became highly successful and eventually his small office enlarged to become a hospital.  Dr. McGehee traveled to Mayo clinic to take courses.  He became a skilled surgeon for his time in history.  His small hospital became known as the “Mayo of the South”.  Dr. McGehee died January 9, 1950.

His son Dr. Edward Pelham Jr. graduated from the University of Arkansas Department of Medicine in 1941 (the second generation of McGehee doctors).  He practiced in the city of Lake Village also.

Dr. McGehee’s daughter, Minnie, married Dr. John H. Burge who worked with his father-in-law (the original Dr. McGehee) in his growing hospital.  The couple had a son, Dr. John Pelham Burge.  Young John Burge graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical School and became a surgeon (the third generation of doctors in the McGehee family).

The McGehee Family of Doctors remained in Lake Village as the town grew and continued to lead the medical community in providing health services.

As the city grew a new hospital was built.  The old McGehee hospital is now a County Museum.

*In Arkansas Country Doctor Museum Hall of Honor.  May be observed in separate file.